A Brexit debate, or a lost episide from the Fawlty Towers 1970s sitcom?

British comedian John Cleese could be scripting the debate now driving Britain’s forthcoming EU Referendum vote on 23rd June.

And Cleese – who made his fortune not with the two series of six shows each of Fawlty Towers, but by making hard-headed corporate training videos on good communications  – might use the whole sorry Brexit referendum episode as a case study in how leaders can lose the campaign for hearts and minds by just focussing on spreadsheet facts, whose veracity unravels when challenged under the full media glare.

Emotional tone – not empirical content – is what could yet turn the tables if today’s charisma-free slugfest can rise to the challenge of true engagement and real humanity. Leaders: study Basil Fawlty and learn how to avoid being ridiculous like him.

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This post was originally published on LinkedIn June 7th.


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