Charisma Dimensions Training

Your customised report is just the first step in raising your personal awareness of the skills and potential you possess.

Your Charisma Report is the starting-point for Charisma Dimensions, our range of specialist training programmes passing on these skills through interactive exercises and experiental learning.

Charisma Dimensions brings together either company colleagues or individuals, ready to learn from and with each other in interactive sessions. Customisable half-day or one-day workshop programmes deepen understanding of the Seven Dimensions.

Programmes also focus on effective speech and body language, and on how best to project a compelling vision towards which people will surely gravitate. A ‘learn by doing’ approach will fine-tune your communications profile for greater effectiveness.

Charisma Dimensions also offers corporate groups the opportunity of giving and receiving 360-degreeĀ  style feedback from colleagues, to offer new perspectives on your communication style.


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