Our Story

Communicate Charisma evolved from one simple realisation: Communication is more important than ever, but finding the right training for busy executives is harder than ever.

There’s no shortage of differing styles on offer. Yet many trainers focus exclusively on organising facts into hard lumps of persuasion to be thrown at audiences. Others teach tricks that conceal, rather than reveal the authentic personality behind the polished façade.

With the advent of softer styles of leadership that model emotional intelligence, we believe that traditional styles of media training, presentation coaching or ‘messaging clinics’ cannot supply what more evolved people in business are now looking for. Theatrical training can provide the answer, but most career-minded folk don’t want to face the floodlights.

Communicate Charisma takes a very simple approach: to identify and then strengthen the underlying skills we all possess, and to bring balance and harmony into our communication style by raising self-awareness. We believe that everyone has what it takes. All that’s needed is to map, measure and develop your charisma assets.

Our People


Richard House

Richard House is a trained coach, facilitator and crafter of strategic messages for multiple stakeholder audiences. He has supported CEO interventions at some of the world’s noteworthy conferences. He has trained many business leaders for mission-critical media appearances. Before moving into the field of communications training and corporate narratives,  Richard worked for 23 years as an international journalist, writing for titles including the Washington Post, the Financial Times, The Economist, the BBC and NPR. He was corporate finance editor of Institutional Investor.

As well as helping  companies craft their stories of change, Richard designs experiential workshops, making use of tools for cultural transformation.  A founding partner of São Paulo-based Nextar Communications, Richard lived for 8 years in Brazil, and speaks fluent Portuguese.  He is based in London.


David Green

David Green has an MBA from the HEC Business School in Paris. He is an expert in statistical research methodologies tapping into the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ and other forms of collective intelligence. He is the creator of Esticasting: Estimating, Forecasting and Chance. He is a pioneer in the use of new technologies to provide innovative solutions to business challenges across a diverse range of industries.

David has worked for more than 20 years with leading corporates including Avanade (joint-venture between Accenture and Microsoft), Thomson-Reuters, Adways and Boots.  A seasoned trouble-shooter, he takes leadership of strategic IS/IT programs by bringing into play his entrepreneurial skills and flair for dialogue. As a project manager and facilitator, he excels in the turnaround and completion of challenged projects. He is based in Paris, and is fluent in French.

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