What, How and Who

Do you want to keep on talking about ‘getting your message across’ or discover the principles behind highly effective social and emotional communication? Persuading people is never simply a matter of having the right facts at your command. Others will accept your words because of the personality you project.

Charisma is the “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others”, and help lower people’s resistance to accepting your ideas. Communicate Charisma helps to demystify one of the most powerful success factors in human life, making it available to you as a transferrable skill.

To have charisma means projecting an aura of confidence that puts those around us at ease, helping us to address life’s unfolding circumstances by lowering barriers of distrust. The essence of charisma is a variable mix of enthusiasm, charm, empathy and vitality, all directed by a vision or belief. When these gifts rest upon a foundation of strong values, such a person’s authenticity and leadership qualities will shine through.

Find out how Communicate Charisma will help you bring all your authority into play, making it easier for listeners to accept your positions, beliefs or your vision.

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