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Steve Jobs
Former CEO and Director, Apple

2D Charisma Projection Profile

The Communicate Charisma Projection Plot reveals the communicator's natural style, and shows exactly where there is potential to develop a more holistic approach. This plot also gives clues to their adaptability and range.

From this profile we identify Steve Jobs as having the "Campaigner " projection style, being someone who is a cheerleader and team player, able to galvanise groups and shift perceptions by tirelessly pitching ideas or solutions.

From the placement on the Persuasion-Empathy axis, we see a "Convincer", who has a determined and persistent energy that in debate will win the day regardless of what others might believe, thanks to powerful arguments and advocacy. The Large-Small Groups type here is "Performer", suggesting that Steve Jobs demonstrates a showmanship that thrives under the spotlight, especially when broadcasting inspiring ideas to a big crowd.

7D Charisma Essence Profile

The circular graphic shows the full spectrum of personal strengths Steve Jobs possesses in each of the Seven Dimensions of Charisma. The plot shows all the elements that go to making up their public persona, and where they are more likely to face challenges. Careful analysis of an Essence Plot, allows us to identify areas for growth, hidden strengths, potential for greater flexibility, and new zones where you can have an effect by bringing more of your real self into the public conversation.

CCollaborationL3BroadTeam Player

This word cloud show the words selected by users to describe Steve Jobs. The more often a word was selected, the lager it appears in the cloud, showing where there is most agreement on the characteristics of this great communicator.

(This profile was compiled from assessments of Steve Jobs submitted by users of this website)

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