Communicate Charisma’s tools and techniques permit you to map, visualize and then enhance your power to influence others, by making best use of your own authentic character assets.

Our one-day, interactive training workshop presents a framework for understanding how other people really experience you. 

We’ll help improve your communications effectiveness by harnessing your unique qualities – rather than repeating a learned formula. We’ll show how your charisma can make things better by shaping a truly authentic communication style that fits you best.


How will I benefit from the workshop?

This training course will enable you to:

  • Understand what’s needed for creating instant rapport with people, breaking down barriers and winning trust.
  • Understand how to adapt your style of communication to situations and audience needs.
  • Identify and optimise the character assets you can use for effective communication.
  • Select the ‘communication terrain’ that best suits your personality type.
  • Avoid communication styles outside your comfort zone that may trigger negative responses.
  • Understand the hidden techniques others are using to try and influence you.
  • Plan and develop strategies to ensure people understand your message and embrace your calls to action.
  • Build a communication skills plan to ensure continuous personal improvement.

You will also receive a confidential 18-page report analysing your personal charisma profile that’s packed with advice and tips exclusively tailored to your personality. The report’s findings will help you plan your on-going development as an effective communicator.


Who is the course for?

Communicate Charisma will all help those whose daily activity involves real talking — influence and negotiation:

  • Business leaders and senior managers regularly interacting with audiences great and small, such as shareholders, media, clients, policymakers or opinion leaders.
  • Developers, marketers and leaders of social enterprise seeking increased impact in their business negotiations with stakeholders and communities.
  • All present and future thought leaders who value effective communication as a route to career enhancement.

If you’re determined to break away from “cookie-cutter” approaches to discover a voice that’s authentically and uniquely yours, then this course is for you.


Topics covered during the day

The Communicate Charisma Workshop includes the following topic areas:

  • Defining charisma and the way it is used all around you.
  • The role of personal charisma in effective communication.
  • How great communicators influence audiences great and small.
  • How to adapt your behaviour to emphasize strengths and manage your challenges.
  • Understanding how we project charisma (Communicate Charisma’s Two-dimensional conceptual framework).
    • exploration of persuasion and empathy styles.
    • exploration of influencing styles for large or small groups.
  • Understanding the essence of our Charisma (Communicate Charisma’s seven-dimensional conceptual framework.)
    • exploration of Self-Assurance, Drive, Vision, Collaboration, Empathy, Beliefs, Values.
  • Learning how people experience us directly, through interactive workshop activity.
  • Understanding your personal Charisma profile and locking in continuous learning through Personal Development Plan.


Further course content

Pre-course activity
Before coming to the seminar, you will complete an on-line self-assessment test to identify your personal charisma style. The results of your assessment will be compiled into a confidential personal report, delivered to you during the workshop. This report will provide you with the basis of your Personal Development Plan.

Tools and Models
Communicate Charisma’s easy-to-grasp visual projection shows participants how and where to increase their influence. The two-dimension (2D) and seven dimension (7D) models provide clear and calibrated indicators with guidance of where best to devote energy in communication.

Profiles are matched to personality types or “avatars” in a logical yet creative framework that affords new insights and growing self-awareness.

Personal Skills Development
We help participants to develop their own Personal Development Plan. This offers participants a means of continuously developing charisma skills and tracking progress after the workshop is completed. It’s verifiable, actionable, and time-based: you set your own pace for personal development.

Putting it into Practice
Because charisma is about the way other people perceive us and must be directly experienced, the workshop has focuses on interactive components. This offers a safe space to experiment and receive feedback. For follow-up, we offer practical strategies for testing and developing charisma with colleagues and friends.


Trainer Profile

Richard House developed the methodology to support the communications needs of opinion leaders and senior executives with whom he’s spent thousands of hours in training sessions and interviews during a 30-year career. As a communications professional and coach he’s designed and led workshops in three continents, including large-scale engagement events involving thousands of employees.



The one-Day course costs GBP 400 (EUR 515) per person. This includes your personalised 18-page Self-Assessment report (value GBP 80, EUR 100).

The one day workshop brings together up to 24 participants at off-site locations in leading business cities.

We also deliver customised workshops in-house for single-company groups of 12+. Please contact us for further details.


 Customer Testimonials

“Great theme supported by professionalism and expertise of the facilitator, with high-quality materials,”
Marcos Torres, WPO (World Presidents’ Organization).

“Great topic, great interaction between workshop participants, and some surprising exercises.”
Thyrso Camargo, Brazil.