Introducing Communicate Charisma

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What is Communicate Charisma? Why should you take our self-assessment test, and how could it help you?

Look around your workplace and you’ll some people are more effective than others at stating their case persuasively, at generating empathy, and communicating with authenticity. Just a few people can persuade audiences to do things they wouldn’t otherwise have done.

What if you could work out exactly how people around you are communicating – and above all master the art not just of meeting expectations, but actually setting them by using transformational leadership skills?

“Great Communicators” also profiled by our system have all have learned these skills and if you haven’t, now is the time to make a start on this life success factor.

We begin by mapping, measuring and then managing those character attributes natural to you, so you can play to your innate strengths and recognize areas where you face challenges as a communicator. These insights can be the foundations of a self-development programme designed to make you a more effective, but above all more authentic communicator. And of course, once you can fully understand the persuasive skills others are using to win you over, you’ll be less subject to influence.

Communicate Charisma is a simple yet comprehensive system mapping these success factors, and presenting in clear, easy-to-grasp graphical formats. You’ll receive two key graphics: a  two-dimensional (square) profile showing how you project yourself upon the world, and a seven-dimensional (pizza-shaped) profile of your charisma essence, showing  the balance of your innate skills.

Two dimensional Projection Profile

Seven dimensional Essence Profile

It’s all based on a simple online self-assessment test that delivers a clear yet comprehensive 20 page report on your personality profile that’s both confidential and exclusive to you. To find the test, Click here. If you want to proceed further, these insights are  integrated into a Personal Development Plan  you can use to learn at your own pace, or work on with your coach.

You probably have questions about how Communicate Charisma works, what its conceptual background is, and if it’s based on real science. You can find a detailed three-part explanation of Communicate Charisma’s origins, its methodology, the proven psychology upon which it is based, and its everyday applications in the workplace and public life.

Part 1: Click here

Part II: Click here

Part III: Click here

If as part of your own executive selection you’ve already taken a classic psychometric test such as MBTI, you’ll want to know how the two systems compare. It’s important to start that Communicate Charisma is not a test for use in executive selection, but for help in mastery of life success factors. For our explanation of the DNA of Charisma: Click here.

If you’re interested in finding out how to level the playing field in your favour in job interviews or client pitches, then read on. For “Going with the Gut” Click here. For “Ain’t Life a Pitch” Click here

If you deliver speeches, or write them, you might first want to consider the most effective delivery style, and then what transformational leadership skills are really made of. Click here, or Click here.

If you work in the field of business coaching or executive training, you may want to know if this methodology could be an additional tool at your disposal: To find out Click here.

In the end, effective communication for leadership boils down to three simple things:

What to Say (Content): How to Say it (Delivery): Who to Be (Authenticity)

The first two are easy. The third is not – and here Communicate Charisma can help you.


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