How to Beat Radio Ga Ga
  • Ever find yourself shouting back at the radio when politicians relentlessly parrot their messages, skipping questions from breakfast-time interviewers?
  • Ever found that although your own project is world changing, the pitch just won’t fly until you can truly get under listeners’ skin?
  • Ever felt your true light shine failed to shine at an all-important job interview, or for someone able to open doors for you?

Let’s talk about failures of spoken communication, about Radio Ga Ga. What determines why a lucky few have their time, and have their power. And what the rest of us can do to ensure we and our worthy projects don’t become background noise.

We live in societies driven by persuasion and influence. Yet, like players trying to win a card-game using the wrong suit, we regularly miss chances to positively influence others to change their minds or do things they would not otherwise have done.

Such failures great and small impose huge costs on our society, measured in economic and social terms, or in the currency of human frustration. Losses big enough to justify the Tower of Babel story; for men cannot build a stairway to heaven while they keep misunderstanding each other.

Where things fail is usually one step beyond the bare facts, where personality drives successful communication. It’s not the what of our message (the content), or even the how (style): mostly it’s the who to be challenge of projecting our authentic self. In most cases, the root cause is lack of speaker authenticity.

We all know what happens if we fail to match our communication to the circumstances. Yet most of us continue to use learned styles we think correspond to the professional roles we’re playing, rather than our true natures. But unless you’re lucky enough to have studied drama or some improv technique, there aren’t many tools to fix this. Some kinds of assertiveness training actually make things worse.

A lucky few have innate skills, sometimes called charisma. But can the rest of us map the landscape of the authentic self and its natural communication style, to make our speech more effective? Yes we can.

A new, easy-to-use methodology for evaluating and enhancing communications effectiveness is here. It’s based on the proven theory of psychological types, with innovations delivering simple, practical tools for personal and professional development.

The methodology is called Communicate Charisma. This uses a quick online self-assessment test to generate clear graphical plots, supported by detailed explanations of communications strengths and challenges. Each test generates a self-assessment report that is completely unique to every user.

This report forms a baseline for continuing personal development or for working with coaches and trainers. It helps individuals raise their power of influence through greater awareness of how personality drives successful communication of all types.

Communicate Charisma has been used by hundreds of people, while executives, entrepreneurs and business school graduates have attended our successful workshops.

Just like you, Communicate Charisma needs a bigger audience. As the old song goes, ‘you’ve yet to have your finest hour.’


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